Research group

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Current Members


Dr. Shahsavari, V., 2019-present. Integrated structural health monitoring for concrete infrastructure.

Dr. Omeman, Z., 2019-present. FRP-reinforced concrete structures containing seawater.


Fowai, I., 2020-present. Field performance of FRP retrofits on the Champlain Bridge.

Abodrahim, A., 2020-present. Structural behaviour of the Champlain Bridge after nearly 60 years in service.

Shaafi, A., 2019-present. Stability of FRP structures. Co-supervisor: Dr. M. Mohareb.

Hasak, A., 2017-present. Sustainable concrete-filled FRP tubes for wind turbine towers in remote areas. Co-supervisors: Drs. M. Green & A. Fam.

Zahedi, A., 2017-present. Confinement effects on damage development caused by alkali-aggregate reaction. Primary supervisor: Dr. L. Sanchez.

Ismail, L., 2016-present. Shear behaviour of concrete beams affected by alkali-aggregate reaction. Co-supervisor: Dr. L. Sanchez.


Leclair, I., 2020-present. The road towards barrier-free design: Evaluating the role of civil engineers.

Asghari, H., 2019-present. Performance of FRCM systems at elevated temperaturesCo-supervisor: Dr. H. Hajiloo.

Gong, Y., 2019-present. Modelling of concrete-filled FRP tubes for wind turbine towers.

Compaore, T., 2019-present. Long-term bond performance of GFRP reinforcement in seawater concrete.

Al-Faesly, Z., 2019-present. Feasibility study on re-use in concrete construction.

Lacroix, F., 2018-present. Development of new generation impact-echo technology for non-destructive evaluation of concrete structures.

Previous Members


Thériault, F., 2020. The effect of alkali-silica reaction on aggregate interlock in reinforced concrete and the use of digital image correlation to monitor the long-term behaviour of concrete structures. Co-supervisor: Dr. L. Sanchez. Current position: Structural Engineer at L2C Experts.

Parvizi, M., 2019. Investigation of bond behaviour between GFRP reinforcing bars and concrete containing seawater

Kere, A., 2018. Use of digital image correlation to assess damage in FRP-repaired concrete structures. (MEng) Current position: Junior Structural Engineer at Ma-Th Inc.

Hayles, M., 2018. Investigation into the mechanical properties and structural behaviour of recycled concrete membersCo-supervised with Dr. L. Sanchez. Current position: Structural Engineer at SHG Engineering.

Zayoun, S., 2018. Simulation of corrosion-induced damage in parking garage structures. (MEng) Current position: Engineer at Ellis Engineering.

Ahimoghadam, F., 2018. Effect of recycled concrete aggregate properties on the behaviour of new concrete. Co-supervised with Dr. L. Sanchez. Current position: Field & Design Engineer at Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Ltd.

Tawil, D., 2017. Structural implications of internal swelling reactions in concrete structures. (MEng) Co-supervised with Dr. L. Sanchez. Current position: Engineer at Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Ltd.

Roshan, A., 2017. Different approaches to model cover-cracking of RC structures due to corrosion. Co-supervised with Dr. B. Martin-Perez. Current position: Structural Engineer at rCon Engineering.

Undergraduate Student Supervision

I have supervised numerous undergraduate students and groups involved in the following programs:

  • University of Ottawa Undergraduate Student Thesis
  • Women Undergraduate Summer Student Research Award
  • American Concrete Institute Ottawa Student Chapter
  • Fourth year engineering Capstone design projects
  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award
  • NSERC CREATE Sustainable Engineering in Remote Areas
  • University of Ottawa Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
  • University of Ottawa Co-op Program
  • American Concrete Institute Student Design Competition – Egg Protection Device
  • American Concrete Institute Student Design Competition – FRP Competition