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Current Research Supervision


Hasak, A. 2017-present. Sustainable concrete-filled FRP tubes for wind turbine towers in remote areas. Co-supervisor: Dr. M. Green (Queen’s University).

Zahedi, A., 2017-present. Confinement effects on damage development caused by alkali-aggregate reaction. Primary supervisor: Dr. L. Sanchez.

Ismail, L., 2016-present. Shear behaviour of concrete beams affected by alkali-aggregate reaction. Co-supervisor: Dr. L. Sanchez.


Khan, Z., 2018-present. Modelling seismic response of FRP-reinforced concrete moment frame structures. Co-supervisor: Dr. M. Saatcioglu.

Thériault, F., 2017-present. Effect of alkali-aggregate reaction on aggregate interlock shear mechanism. Co-supervisor: Dr. L. Sanchez.

Zubaida, N., 2017-present. Non-destructive testing for assessment of structures affected by alkali-aggregate reaction. Primary supervisor: Dr. L. Sanchez.

Parvizi, M., 2016-present. Behaviour of FRP-reinforced sustainable concrete beams. 

Ahimoghadam, F., 2016-present. Optimization of recycled aggregate concrete for use in concrete structures. Primary supervisor: Dr. L. Sanchez.

Hayles, M., 2015-present. Use of recycled concrete aggregates in concrete structures. Co-supervisor: Dr. L. Sanchez.

Previous Research Supervision


Mirzazadeh, M. 2013-2015. Effect of low temperature on the static and fatigue behaviour of reinforced concrete beams with temperature differentials. Main supervisor Dr. M. Green (Queen’s University). Current position: Project Manager at Cantrol International Inc.

Hajiloo, H. 2013-2015. GFRP reinforced concrete slabs in fire. Main supervisor Dr. M. Green (Queen’s University). Current position: Post-Doctoral Fellow at Queen’s University.


Roshan, A., 2015-2017. Different approaches to model cover-cracking of RC structures due to corrosion. Co-supervised with Dr. B. Martin-Perez. Current position: Structural Engineer at rCon Engineering.

Pei, X. 2013-2015. Corrosion resistance and development length of steel reinforcement with cementitious coatings. Main supervisors Drs. A. Fam & M. Green (Queen’s University). Current position: Structural Engineer at Q&E Engineering.

Undergraduate Student Supervision

I have supervised numerous undergraduate students and groups involved in the following programs:

  • American Concrete Institute Ottawa Student Chapter
  • Fourth year engineering Capstone design projects
  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award
  • NSERC CREATE Sustainable Engineering in Remote Areas
  • University of Ottawa Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
  • University of Ottawa Co-op Program
  • American Concrete Institute Student Design Competition – Egg Protection Device
  • American Concrete Institute Student Design Competition – FRP Competition

Courses Taught

University of Ottawa

CVG6307 – Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures

CVG5311 – Bridge Design

CVG4145 – Reinforced Concrete Design II

GNG1105 – Engineering Mechanics

Queen’s University

CIVL 430 – Reinforced Concrete Design

CIVL 330 – Structural Analysis

University of Waterloo

ENVE 127 – Statics and Solid Mechanics

Shijiazhuang Tiedao University

Bridge Design